Take Control at Home with your Smartphone
14th July 2017

Over the past number of years advances in smartphone technology have opened up a world of possibilities in the home. We’ve now come to a point where nearly all aspects of our daily lives can be controlled by the mobile phone in your pocket. At First Ireland we’ve put together a list of a few examples of how you can ‘smarten’ up your home!

Smart Heating

Smart thermostats have become quite popular over the past number of years. Using the accompanying app you can control your heating system from anywhere in the world.  As well as this, some of the higher-end models can ‘learn your heating habits and temperature preferences. They can then send energy reports to your phone. This can help give you a detailed account of how much you could save on energy bills.

Smart Security

As for home security there are a number of great smart security cameras which stream video directly to your phone. Most of these systems come with motion sensor alert systems which send notifications to your phone. You can even go abroad and relax on your holiday safe in the knowledge that your smartphone will let you know if anything is wrong. As well as smart cameras there are also smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarms available. The most basic of these will send alerts to your smartphone if something is detected. However the more advanced models have extra safety features such as the ability to self-test their battery levels and their sensors.

Smart Lighting

The dark days of getting up to switch on the light are over. You can now control the lights in your home from your smartphone! Smart lighting systems allow you to not only switch the lights on and off, you can also control the colour of your lights, with some companies boasting a wide range of colours selection options. With just a few of these bulbs you can find the right lighting to suit any mood. Starter kits for these systems usually start from around €80-€125. Whilst this might be off-putting it’s claimed that these bulbs have a life span of around 15 years with 80% less energy consumption than traditional light bulbs.

Smart TVs

Smart TVs are perhaps the most popular smart devices after smartphones. They allow you to stream directly from the internet with apps such as Netflix and YouTube. You can also cast media directly from your smartphone to your smart TV. Even if you don’t have a smart TV, devices like Google’s Chromecast allow you to stream videos from your phone to your television, provided your TV has a HDMI input.

Smart Coffee! 

A smart coffee maker is the ultimate tool for anyone who can’t get through the day without their morning coffee. You can now wake up, tap a button on your smartphone and have freshly brewed coffee made for you by the time you get down the stairs. Most of these machines come with an accompanying app and you can use this to set your preferred time for brewing. Some of the more advanced machines offer a greater range of customization, allowing you to select temperature, grind size, coffee to water ratio and more. Perfect for the coffee connoisseurs!


Gadget Insurance – Smart Choice

From home security to entertainment systems, your whole home is now potentially at your fingertips. Although many of these devices haven’t gone main-stream just yet, it’s likely that more and more of our homes will become smarter as time goes by.

The fact that these kinds of devices are controlled via your smartphone further emphasizes the importance of having your smartphone with you. Manufacturers pride themselves on launching their most advanced smartphones yet but these advances mean bigger price tags and a potential for higher repair and replacement costs if something goes wrong.


First Ireland is delighted to offer Gadget Insurance in association with Blue Insurance; with cover for accidental damage, theft, liquid damage and breakdown. We also offer 60 days of Worldwide cover within a 12 month period. You choose the policy to suit your needs with Monthly and Annual cover options available as well as the choice to add multiple gadgets to your policy.